Enrica glanced at the count-down on the computer screen and shivered with anticipation, it was finally happening. She smiled at the small male Nidoran and picked it up gently whispering to it softly as her Eevee looked on.
"Youre gonna have a twin brother! Are you exited/ I am, now little one we've been through this, remember?" She asked the Nidoran and as if answering her question it hopped into the cloning machine just as the complicated device started beeping. Enrica tossed her light blue hair side to side and nearly screamed in exitment as the little Nidoran began to glow and multiply.
"Double team!" She commanded lightly, and Nidoran obeyed like a truly loyal pet.

She stepped back as the machine began to shake and beep louder and realised this hadn't gone to plan again but this time the machine started to flame; Nidoran was a grass type.

"Polywag water gun!" Enrica commanded as a little blob of blue appeared from behind a filing cabinet, looking on the the oh so familiar occurence. Spurts of water flew from it's mouth towards the charging flame and doused it immediately.
Rushing forwards to the evidently hurt Pokemon, Enrica grasped the Nidoran in her arms and cradled it softly.

"I'm sorry my baby, I promise I won't do anymore experiments on you! I'm so... evil for doing that!" She sobbed. What she didn't notice was the Pokemon in her arms wasn't a Nidoran. It was a miniture Rydon.
Enrica held the funny Pokemon in front of her eyes as confusion rippled across her face.
The Rydon started glowing once again at her words though this time the glow was grey instead of pure white and slowly it began to change form into some sort of Pokemon that Enrica couldn't distinguish until eventually, it shaped itself into a backwards L shape with no eyes and no mouth.

"Enrica... come with me to your new home," It murmered somehow. The computers started glitching up and every alarm in the Lab rang out as though telling Enrica to stay. Her Eevee rammed itself down her shirt to hide as she was half dragged outside and into the town. The town? The town was ruins. No voices could be heard, whenever she blinked the scenery seemed to change. She tried to walk forward yet found herself face-planted onto a wall. Turning backward the Lab had dissapeared and was replaced with... nothing.

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