About "your beloved" Trick Tester...

Ok guys, for “I-don’t-like-to-give-my-name-out-on-the-internet” purposes, call me Enrica De Lauro. I’m 16 years old and I have this strange fascination with MissingNO and his siblings (or the other glitches). I cosplay loads and I’m currently working on a Suicune Gikinka and I really like Pokémon.


I call myself Trick Tester because when I was a kid, I was always upset when I discovered a new glitch/cheat on the internet and broke my game trying to uncover it’s secrets and I thought, what if other people will be feeling like that too, and decided that I could test some of the more questionable glitches and see just how safe etc they were. There I gave birth to Trick Tester. Though many of my videos on YouTube are of GameShark codes, I’m trying to uncover more normal game play glitches such as the classic Old Man glitch, and the Ditto Trick etc so kids who, like me, couldn’t afford a gameshark can do fun, cool things with their Pokémon games and not have to bother with 20 lines of “896879547899575846689”.

Some of my favourite movies are the Twins Effect, most of the Pokémon movies and Memoirs of a Geisha. My favourite bands are Nightwish, Evanescence and Within Temptation and my most desired cosplay is a Vaporeon Gijinka or a Jolteon Furry Suit! 

Speaking of Cosplay, I love it! I've only been to one con and a pre-con so far but I really wanna get better. My inspirations are Fighting Dreamers Productions, some of the most EPIC cosplayers (in my opinion) in the world and Flash Dreamers Cosplay who I'm (I'd like to hope) really good friends with, I'm trying to worm my way in one of their Skits because I cosplay as a Black Team Rocket Member and thats what we do...#

Anyway, if you wanna know anything else just ask me and I'll probably tell you within reason.

Trick Tester.